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Our friends from at Poker Runs America have just recently released their highlight reel from the 2015 1000 Island’s Poker Run and it is a must watch as this video showcases many of the wild rides on hand for this years run. Be sure to watch it, share with your friends and plan out your trip next year to this long running venue which is a must attend for poker runners:
For those of you following us on Facebook, we would like to apologize as some of our post/shares are not appearing to all people or failing to appear publicly at all due to reported bugs with in some of the Apps. in use. At this time we are looking into it throughly and working with the developers to resolve the bugs. please bare with us as most of you know it does take some time to address the bugs which have been creating issues with both the Canadian and America services from time to time. If you notice any post disappearing from our wall or showing in your news feed but not on our wall please let us know immediately and we will do our best to get the post back up properly. Sincerely, The BoatStars Media Crew.
Some big news this weekend as Apache Powerboats announced their team and affiliates Apache Star and it's Crew have set the new World Record for the fastest crossing between Key West, Florida, and Havana, Cuba. which is huge news as this record had not been attempted in years, the teams released this official press release confirming the new record and some of the details from the run, will be sure to bring you more footage and shots when available: OFFICIAL WORLD RECORD TIME: 1hr 30minsPrevious Record: 6+ hrs Apache Star reached the Cuban Official Finish Line in record breaking time of one hour and thirty minutes (1hr 30min). Which includes a 15 minute celebratory Cuban cigar by Owner Roget Kluh and the crew once they reached international waters. Master Boat Builder, McManus says "it was a successful mission with challenging 3-9 ft rollers." The actual distance traversed during the voyage to Havana was 110 nautical miles, not 90 as it was originally reported. ‪#‎ApacheWorldRecord‬‪#‎ApachePowerboats‬‪#‎ApacheStar‬ Crew Members:Roger Kluh Owner/DriverMark McManus Builder/ThrottleJohn Pompi, Mechanical Engineer Damien Sauvage, Navigator Media Requests call Daniel Sanchez 239-826-8603 Photo of Apache Star with Cuban Skyline Photo Credit: Marti Noticias
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