Post 14 May 2019 In Featured News

This past weekend the Warby Motorsport Team of Australia was out on the Blowering Dam this past weekend as Dave Warby the man behind the Spirit of Australia II were out for their first “Speed Trials”. Although this was not the first time Dave and the boat have been on the water testing this was however the first runs putting the boat through its early stage paces seeing how the boat handled with some speed under her. The boat was capable of seeing over 230 Mph well looking smooth and comfortable at those speeds. 

These speeds were impressive for the first test session and is a great start as Dave will work his way up to break that magic number of 317.6 Mph set by his father decades ago which is not for the faint of heart as his father is the only person in the world to surpass 300 Mph and live to tell about.

The footage below from the Way Motorsport Team shows the boats 221 Mph pass this past week.

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