Poker Runs 101

Hull Design(s): V-Hulls and Cats

Average Size: 20-51'

Ideal Water Conditions: Mild Chop

Top Affiliated Organizations: Poker Runs America, Florida Powerboat Club


Brief Over View: Poker Runs take place every week around the world featuring high performance pleasure and race boats of all types and styles that come out together in a fun social event. They are not actually races as some of the general public has come to think, they are in actual fact a charity event where friends and people who share the same passion run their boats to 5 card destinations where upon arrival to each destination each boat receives one randomly selected playing card the team who makes it to all 5 stops and has the best hand to present at the event dinner after the run wins a cash pot prize. The fastest boat does not win and speed is not the goal but these events all feature the nicest and fastest performance boats from the surrounding areas to help donate and raise money for local charities.


More details to come...

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