"ALEX AND ANI" Boat Receiving New "Classified" Stotler Engines!

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We caught up with Seranfino "Jimmy" Cazzani the owner and throttleman of the 42’ Platinum known as the “Alex AND ANI” boat  for the latest details on a classified engine upgrade the boat is under going in preparation for the 2014 Season. After a strong start with the new refitted boat last season in New York and again at the 2013 SuperBoat World Championships in Key West the team recently decided it was time for a power upgrade in search of more horsepower, more boost, and more rpm along with increased engine longevity. 


With this the team went to work with Stotler Engines just recently on a new engine, the full details are not being released yet but he was able to tell us the new Stotler power plants will be just shy of 600 Cubic Inches capable of producing 1500+ Horse power. The great minds at Stotler Engines along side the  “ALEX AND ANI” crew also have the extra challenge as they work to build a “Green” eco friendly race engine in an effort along side their sponsor “ALEX AND ANI” who are big supporters in the use of recycled products.


Will be sure to keep you up to date on the engine build and give you the full spec’s when its completed.



Photo courtesy of the Official SuperBoat International Media Crew.

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