Spirit Of Qatar Puts Up 244 MPH Run At 2014 Lake Of the Ozarks Shootout!

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(Photo courtesy of the Official QMSF Turbine Tour Media Crew)


The 26th Annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout was yet again another amazing week as performance boaters from across North America and around the world were on hand to push their boats to the limits in the Shootout which took place this past weekend in front of over 100,000 thousand spectators. The hardware that was on hand was yet again simply amazing however the big topic of the weekend and perhaps the year was #96 Spirit of Qatar’s amazing performance from his excellency Sheikh Hasan bin Al-Thani and his throttle man Steve Curtis who shattered the course record with an amazing 244 Mph run.


The 50’ Mystic which was regularly powered by a pair of T-53 turbines was repowered with a fresh pair of T-55 turbines only a week prior which would produce a total of almost 10,000 Hp as the boat headed out to the Lake of the Ozarks shoot out run. With only minor testing the boat came out for its first run saturday morning to put to down an impressive run of 210 Mph even with their safety parachute accidentally deployed mid way through their pass. The two men returned to the course shortly after with the issue resolved and put up the amazing record breaking run of 244 Mph to take home Top Gun of the 2014 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout well smashing “My Ways” 2013 course record of 224 Mph. For those of you who missed the runs stay tuned for more highlights and head over to www.Shootoutresults.com for all the results from every class.


Hassan also commented in a press release following the run that the boat was approaching 250+ Mph after the finish line gate so were sure that there will be more to come from this boat but will have to wait till next year to see.


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