Vector Martini Racing Prepares for Three World Record Attempts in 2015

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(Photo courtesy of the Vector Martini Racing Media Crew)


Since the debut of the new Vector Martini Racing Team on the international race circuit last year with their Ilmor powered 40R Vector overseas for their first public run in Monaco after its long haul from Vectors facility in Canada, the team has certainly pushed hard to make a name for themselves. The launch of the team came with much attention as it brought the return of the Martini Brand back to the offshore race scene for the first time in over 25 years since the days of Ceare Fiorio, now with Malcolm Crease of the UK heading the team who is determined to continue the legacy.


However after a disappointing start to the year for the team and many other international teams with the last minute cancellation of the the 2014 Venture Cup the team was forced to wait until they could go to battle but made good use the time in Monaco with a special Vip Ride alongs and demonstrations. After a few months the team got its chance to showcase just what their boat was capable off by taking home the top spot of the 2014 Cowes Classic Offshore Powerboat race winning 7 trophies over the course the event getting the team right back on track setting and setting their sights for an even bigger season in 2015. 


With hours now in the boat racing, testing and running at promotional events the team is now prepared for a big season. This season the team already has 11 events so far scheduled for 2015 including potentially three world record endurance run attempts beginning with the Cross Channel Run next month as they look to earn a spot in the UIM record books followed by the London to St. Peterburgs World Record and even the Singapore-Hong Kong World Record making for an exciting season for the team. Along with these 3 attempts the team will also be on hand for several big special showings of the boat including the Top Gear Cannes Film Festival Shoot and several F1 Auto events on display. 


More details will be available on the record runs closer to the dates and we will be sure keep you updated on the teams record run along with much more from their journeys over the 2015 season. For those of you who are looking to keep in touch with the team should be sure to check out their quickly growing Official Facebook if you haven't already yet and join their 300K fans from around the globe.


2015 Event Schedule


April 13 – 24:Cross Channel World Record – VMR Season Opener

May 6 – 12: Barcelona F1 Activation (Martini)

May 16 – 20:Top Gear Cannes Film Festival Shoot (TBC)

May 20 – 26: Monaco F1 Activation (TBC)

June 13 – 21: Venture Cup (TBC)

June 25 – 28: Goodwood Festival of Speed (Martini) (TBC)

July 29– August 25: London – St Petersburg World Record (Martini)

September 4 – 16: Monza F1 Activation + Extended activities (Martini)

September 16 – 22: Singapore F1 Activation (TBC)

Sept 25 – October 7: Singapore – Hong Kong World Record (TBC)

November 25 – 30: Abu Dhabi F1 Activation (TBC)





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