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(Recently updated airing dates from STIHL Offshore Racing) For the second year in a row there will be a special 3 hour presentation of the 2015 Super Boat International​ World Championships in Key West coming to NBC Sports starting at the end of this January and running through February across the country. Airing dates now available above and check out local provider for confirmation, new trailer of the special is available below be sure to check it out and share with your friends:
This November marks the end of the 2015 season for Vintage racers all over North America as they flock from across the US and Canada to join in what has been come one of the biggest vintage boat racing events in Florida the Tavares Fall Thunder Regatta. This special event includes lots classic hydroplanes, outboard tunnels, Skiffs and inboards along with our Switzer Wing "Thunder Ball" which will be running again with our fellow other 2 Switzer Wings Dust'n The Wind and Miss Diablo for a special showing. The show even has even seen some modern hydroplanes in the past on hand for fans to check out and watch as they push speeds approaching 200Mph. For vintage race boat fans this is a great venue that were sure you will love as Wooton Park offers a great facility for the racing on the down town water front of Taveres including vendors and many other activities going on throughout the weekend surroundong the racing. Full details on this years venue and next years Spring Regatta by following the link below for CRA.
(Photo Courtesy of USSBA Media Crew.) This year has been a tough one for the United States Sprint Boat Association and it crew as construction delays on the new track and other issues forced the series to cancel three of their four races scheduled this season. But with only a few weeks left in the season it appears that USSBA teams will be getting out for their first race of the season in a couple weeks on September 25 as the new Warp Racing Jet Spring Track and Facility in Burley, Idaho is completed. We know teams are excited to get back on the track after a long summer waiting so you’ll be sure to see teams putting all on the line. This new facility will definitely help to improve the future of the Series as it has been specially added to the facility to cater to the series its teams and fans. If you want more information on the track head over to warpracing.net as they will be updating it soon with full details and more on the sprint track.
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