Bernico Unveils new 43' Leverage!


With over 20 years in the industry the Belgian performance boat builders of Bernico powerboats have made a name for themselves in both the recreational and offshore racing scene overseas. The company has prided it self on innovation and design for years and over the past several years now they have been hard at work behind the scenes on a new concept as they truly decided to push their technology and innovation skills to new levels to produce an even more aggressive and race breed model which resulted in this brand new 43’ Leverage which was unveiled for the first time last month. 


This boat is set to be one quickest boats to date from the company, as the team at Bernico has gone to some lengths to ensure some major advancements in their molds an hulls. With the technology of our industry continually changing and advancing like crazy over the past decade the Bernico team decided to reach out to some big players in the design fields from their area partnering up with Voxdale (Antwerp), IWT and Bernico’s R&D team to bring a higher standard to their creations which included research in Infusion moulding and composites along with new design tools and simulators to improve all aspects of the boats performance. 


The result of the teams research was a reportedly extremely quick prototype with extremely optimized fluid dynamics which the company says makes this model arguably one of the fastest V-bottems models on Earth although no numbers are being revealed at this point regarding speeds or power plants . Only time will tell though as their first 43’ out of the mold will be put to the ultimate test this season running in UIM Class 1 World Champions new V1 class which was a highly competition new v-hull class added to the series last season that will definitely test all aspects of this new models performance abilities. Stay tuned for more as the crew from Bernico Powerboat is now working on a special new Rx 9 project behind the scenes which is set to be rigged with Mercury Racing new 400R outboards.

 (Photos courtesy of the Bernico Powerboats Media Crew)

Last modified on Monday, 23 March 2015 15:49
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