Caudwell Racing Ready For China With A New and Improved Set Up..

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(Photo Courtesy of the Official F1 H2O Media Crew)

Since the team first debuted in the final race of the 2011 F1 H20 season in the UAE, the South African crew of Caudwell MarineRace Team have once again been at work and have confirmed they are ready for the 2014 China Grand Prix next month with a new set up as they continue to look for an alternative yet competitive way to race in UIM F1 H2O World Championship tour overseas without running the traditional outboard. 

Despite the boats success since it debuted as the only four-stroke powered team in the history of the UIM F1 series to gain a championship point, it has been reported that a huge amount of engineering work has been done to make the team more competitive and prove to the world the teams goal of a relatively in expensive and reliable four-stroke alternative for F1 racers. The new set up the team will be running will still consist of their lightweight 4 stroke 3.5 litre engine raced in 2013 but  with some heavy modifications the engine is now said to be mounted in a more traditional outboard style that will sit at a 45 degree angle connected via the sump to a jack plate that can travel on the vertical plane by 40mm while still allowing the full trim up and trim down range along with removing some extra weight from the set up to add 35+ Mph to the boat. 


We can’t wait to see what this new set up will be capable of but with Caudwell Marine dedicating so much time and effort into their boat design and propulsion to bringing alternative ways to compete in the challenging world that is F1 H20 racing, we wish them the best of luck this 2014 season. Stay tuned from more from the upcoming F1 H2O China Grand Prix the first weekend of October.



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