2014 Clearwater Super Boat Nationals Official Results

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(Photo courtesy of the Official Super Boat International Media Crew)


Last weekend Super Boat International teams took to the waters for their 2014 National Championships in Clearwater, Fl which saw some heated racing through out all three races sunday as not only was a national title on the line but a Florida state championship title adding even more pressure to the weekend for many of the teams in the points race. For those of you who missed the action be sure to tune into the official Super Boat Ustream channel to catch a replay of their live coverages and also head over check out all the great official photos now up via www.Superboat.com.


National Champions:

Lucas Oil – Superboat Unlimited

Instigator – Superboat Extreme

Team STIHL – Superboat

Absolutely Not – Superboat Vee

The Hulk – Super Stock

Black Pearl – P3

Two Cruel – P4


Superboat Unlimited

1. Miss Geico

2. Lucas Oil


Superboat Extreme

1. Hooters / Instigator

2. Twisted Metal Motorsports




2. Broadco

3. Racing For Cancer


Superboat Vee

1. Absolutely Not

2. Sun Print


Superboat Stock

1. The Hulk Redline Oil

2. SOS Venezula

3. Turtle Cove Marina


Manufacturer Production 3

1. Black Pearl

2. Team Kilt

3. 2nd Amendment


Manufacturer Production 4

1. Two Cruel

2. Jeffs Phantom

3. Rum Runners

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