Shots from Tavares Fall Thunder

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Over 60 historic boats came together up earlier this month in Tavares, Fl for another truly amazing annual event hosted by the Antique Classic Race Boat Association which featured Hydroplanes, Jersey Skiffs, Tunnel Boats, Sprint Boats and even three Swtizer Wings who took the water for a fun exhibition allowing fans to truly time travel to see where our sport has come from.


This event takes place over 3 days as crews arrived in the pits on Friday followed by two days of none stop action Saturday and Sunday with heat after heat throughout the day even including some RC boat action in between classes to entertain fans well boat were being dropped in. This year also featured some big names from racing including Tim and his father Bill Seebold who join us all for he fun. Check out some of the our shots from this truly amazing venue below and stay tuned for more to come:



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