Featured News http://www.boatstars.com Sat, 21 Sep 2019 19:15:52 +0000 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb Dave Warby in Spirit of Australia II Achieves Over 230 MPH In Early Speed Trial Testing http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/22-dave-warby-in-spirit-of-australia-ii-achieves-over-230-mph-in-early-speed-trial-testing http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/22-dave-warby-in-spirit-of-australia-ii-achieves-over-230-mph-in-early-speed-trial-testing

This past weekend the Warby Motorsport Team of Australia was out on the Blowering Dam this past weekend as Dave Warby the man behind the Spirit of Australia II were out for their first “Speed Trials”. Although this was not the first time Dave and the boat have been on the water testing this was however the first runs putting the boat through its early stage paces seeing how the boat handled with some speed under her. The boat was capable of seeing over 230 Mph well looking smooth and comfortable at those speeds. 

These speeds were impressive for the first test session and is a great start as Dave will work his way up to break that magic number of 317.6 Mph set by his father decades ago which is not for the faint of heart as his father is the only person in the world to surpass 300 Mph and live to tell about.

The footage below from the Way Motorsport Team shows the boats 221 Mph pass this past week.

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UIM Boat Racing Photo Contest http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/17-uim-boat-racing-photo-contest http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/17-uim-boat-racing-photo-contest

UIM the governing body behind powerboat racing globally has been holding Photo contest for photographers in our sport to showcase their finniest work from over the year and this year was a special one as 2018 UIM Photographic competition which had entries from seventeen different countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, USA and Europe. We know first-hand was as with the advances in technology the pictures are only getting more spectacular.

This would not be easy task from those judging as there was a a reported total of 330 entries submitted by twenty-seven photographers. One of the winners include Simon Palfrader who is well recognized for his work with F1 H2O, XCat and Classone racing overseas and has been featured several times on BoatStars. See the full list of winning entries here.

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Cigarette Racing Adds Erik Christiansen To Their Team http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/16-cigarette-racing-adds-erik-christiansen-to-their-team http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/16-cigarette-racing-adds-erik-christiansen-to-their-team

Cigarette Racing Team has announced that they officially appointed Erik Christiansen as the companies new president. The move was announced by Skip Braver, the owner and chief executive officer of the company. 

Headquartered in Opa-locka, Fla., Cigarette Racing Team will celebrate most of its 50th anniversary year with Erik Christiansen as president.

“I am not leaving the company, retiring from the company or selling the company,” Braver said. “In bringing on Erik, we are positioning Cigarette for a stronger present and an even stronger future.”A little more than a year ago, Christiansen departed high-performance marine engine and accessories leader Mercury Racing as its general manager to pursue an opportunity outside the marine industry.Please join us in welcoming Erik to the Cigarette Racing Team Family!

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Mercury Marine Names New President http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/15-mercury-marine-names-new-president http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/15-mercury-marine-names-new-president

Mercury Marine decides to switch things up a they name a new president. It has been confirmed the Brunswick Corporation has promoted Christopher Drees to president of Mercury Marine as awhole, Drees was former president of marine parts and accessories replacing John Pfeifer who is said to have chose to leave the company to pursue other opportunities.

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Travis Pastrana of Nitro Circus Racing In Cocoa Beach http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/13-travis-pastrana-of-nitro-circus-racing-in-cocoa-beach http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/13-travis-pastrana-of-nitro-circus-racing-in-cocoa-beach

Its true, Nitro Circus lead motorsports junky Travis Pastrana has confirmed through his social media he will competing in offshore racing well atleast one event. 

This follows some teasers recently from Hurricane of Awesomeness/Tug It that he would be joining Brit Lilly and Kevin Smith as a driver at APBA Offshore’s season opener in Coca Beach. 

As one of the only people alive to willing jump out of a plane without a parachute as well as a games champion and dateline junky Travis is no stranger to motorsports driving anything with a motor and some with out to their limits boat racing seems like a natural fit. 

Catch him in action for his boat racing debut on the Space Coast May 18-19th.



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P1 SuperStock And APBA Offshore Championships coming to CBS Sports http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/12-p1-superstock-and-apba-offshore-championships-coming-to-cbs-sports http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/12-p1-superstock-and-apba-offshore-championships-coming-to-cbs-sports

P1 Super Stock has announced that their races will be air on CBS Sports in addition to their live stream coverages for the season starting with their season opener in Cocoa Beach. 

The coverage will include all the action from the P1 SuperStock racing to the new APBA Offshore Championship series. Stay tuned for details on the live stream links and be sure to check out the replay coverage on tv as well.

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Past Articles Currently Unavailable http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/8-past-articles-currently-unavailable http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/8-past-articles-currently-unavailable

Due to recent and on going upgrade Featured articles prior to 2019 are currently unavailable for public access.

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Upgrades in progress, certain areas down temporarily. http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/2-upgrades-in-progress-certain-areas-down-temporarily http://www.boatstars.com/index.php/news/featured-news/item/2-upgrades-in-progress-certain-areas-down-temporarily

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