Thursday, 26 September 2019 20:07

The 2020 Evolution of BoatStars is coming...

We at BoatStars have been working hard since 2010 to allow you to be connect to powerboat racing and performance boating on all levels at global levels bringing a reach online which had was unseen at the time with our social networks and news streaming features. As technlogy continues to grow as well as our bench mark rising with social media pages poping up all over the place for our sport, when we first started our plateform there was little to nothing for powerboat racing and performance boating on social media or even brought together online which we looked to change. Since then we have seen our sports growth online increase each year and we are proud to be apart of helping bring that movement but with it, the demands and access to news have changed as well with that said it we have decided to take a big leap in our Performance Boating entertainment and media digital technology to work to bring you one of the most advanced media centers possible at in 2020.

It is an exciting time for us we are working with some of the most cutting edge technology in the world and working along side of the top technological companies in the world to enhance our digital infastructure putting BoatStars into hyper drive. At this moment we will not be discloses to much information until we are closer to the release date of our new system but be prepared to see if roll out in 2020. This step has been in development for years with lots of research time put into our next steps and we beleave it is almost the time to unviel yet.

Our site's News section at this time will be the only thing effected(or down) at this time as well you might see some other areas of getting retooled during the time periode but our Media team will still be working away and social media pages will be working through the process as well as our additional offline services offered.


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